Hauntingly, Beautiful, Photojournalism

A friend sent me a link to a powerful but macabre set of photojournalism photos posted on the New York Times website with an unique downward scrolling article. The link is at the end of this passage and Not Safe For Lunch (NSFL). It contains graphic images of violence and death by a brave photojournalist named Daniel Berehulak who places himself in dangerous environments to bring home to the front pages of newspapers gorgeous photos that many people flip past looking for coupons or just the one article they want to see. This time he went to the Philippines to work with a police department to capture the actions being taken to enforce the drug policies currently underway in that Country.

Photography-wise Berehulak’s photography is very strong, colorful, bright, edge of the seat pulling the viewer in. The opposite of the current washed out filter look that cell phone users try to replicate on my cell phone. I find myself studying the dynamics and range of many of his photographs before being able to go further and grasp the enormity of the life situation he’s captured in that moment. Emotive storytelling that one doesn’t need captions to read to understand what is going on. For example look at the photograph below. What do you see?

New York Times Article by Daniel Berehulak

An overcrowding issue or issues waiting to happen or have they subsided? One photo many questions.

Berehulak has worked in over 60 Countries. Freelancing for over a decade. Capturing the Japanese Tsunami, India child labor in motion, Africa’s Ebola outbreak, and more. He’s won several awards for his work and is a new favorite photographer of mine.

Japan Tsunami Workers Pray

Pakistan Flood

NY Times Article:


His Website: http://www.danielberehulak.com/


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