Rare Back to the Future Alternate Movie Poster



I collect movie posters and came across this cool unused alternate version of the main poster for Back to the Future that was released of 1985. Most people would have seen the version below while walking through the theater. The artist Drew Struzan is responsible for many of the classic posters of the 1980’s and beyond. He recently retired though so a dynasty has come to an end. I was surprised when I learned how he creates the posters; full size and with an air brush. The video below shows some examples of his work and is a promotional video for a documentary about his work.

The list of his work is long and includes classics such as: An alternate version of the main Star Wars poster, Blade Runner, The Thing, Police Academy, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Muppet Movie, Coming to America, First Blood, Risky Business, An American Tail, and I’ll stop at THE GOONIES!

As you can imagine the posters are highly collectable and go for hundreds of dollars. The original paintings of the classics hundreds of thousands of dollars.

His website is: http://www.drewstruzan.com/



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