Movie Title Design

Scarface-Howard-Hughes-Movie-Title-Screen-Perceptible-DesignOriginal Scarface movie by Howard Hughes.

Ever wonder what goes in to the creation of movie title design?The movie title scene played before films is a complex artistic process that sets the mood for the movie’s opening scene. Suspenseful music chosen by one artist or possibly the Director. Flashing scenes of fast paced action getting your heart moving for an action film. Maybe the no intro, roll the opening credits over the opening scene. When those choices are made it’s executed by a team of behind the scenes artists who’s names your probably not as familiar with as say…Leonardo DiCaprio, Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, and you get the idea.

Veteran movie title designer Dan Perri is one of those artists. Here he describes his process for analyzing movies and applying the appropriate font, font sizing and more to create his work that’s been seen on many popular films.


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