ThrowBack Photos of Mine

Going through my old website and building this. I came across some of my past accomplishments that I’m proud of and compiled them here. From a college art lecture to an unexpected National Geographic contest win and feature in their How-To Book, the Times Union and an internationally published best selling book titled “What the RAF Airman Took to War”.

In 2013 I started to put my name out there to see where and what a lifetime of photography love and imagination could do. I’m humbled by the experiences and the kind comments about my work.

I’ve worked with small teams handling and caring for museum grade artifacts to large corporate photo sessions to the runways of fashion in NYC to products for online stores. Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss what I can do for you to enhance your internet presence for your business with smart photography, family winter wonderland portraits or maybe an art project you’ve been thinking of bringing to life.

National-Geographic-Contest-Winning-Photograph-Michael-H-Wagner-Perceptible-Design Times-Union-04142014-Michael-H-Wagner-News-Photographer Opalka-Gallery-Presentation-Michael-H-Wagner-Photographer National Geographic Getting Your Shot Book Cover Perceptible Design Michael H Wagner What-The-RAF-Airman-Took-To-War-Author-Bill-Howard Photographer-Michael-H-Wagner-Perceptible-Design-London Model-Portrait-Viral-Photo-Michael-H-Wagner-Perceptible-Design National-Ge0 Schenectady-Gazette-Event-Photographer-Michael-H-Wagner Art-On-Lark-Photographer-Artist-Michael-H-Wagner Albany-Center-Gallery-Art-Showing-Michael-H-Wagner Michael-H-Wagner-Photographer-Videography-Event

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