Google Timelapse 1984-2016


It could be the new Star Wars release date shadowing the wrinkles in my brain or is an enourmous multi-national company’s product named Earth Engine ominous sounding? Rogue One: A Star Wars Story tickets purchased and ready to go. Google Earth ready. Will earth make a cameo this time? Not everyone knows that now Google Earth Pro is free. It used to be sold for $399 a year. If you like maps it’s worth checking out. I got in to the habit of looking up the locations of books and articles I read about. Google Earth is a much sharper version of the online Google maps where you can design flybys of famous landmarks and more. The TimeLapse feature does just what it says. It features a still image from an overhead saatelof an area in Google Earth from an overhead satellite and users can view the time period of 1984-2016. An approximate 30 year period. Still an overall short period of time but browsing through the Google Blog and the service itself, it looks like this is going to be a powerful tool for year to come for climate experts, meteorologists, architects, and more as you can visually see the Death Star like destructive power of a changing river course. Carving through the earth and it’s new path still changing, carreening, side to side as it looks like a wave settling in a tub from the looks of the image. [See the image below moving here]

Google Earth Engine Timplase

As a photographer I find the tool very helpful in planning day trips as you can see 3D images and the terrain of the location you’re going to visit.


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