Sony a6300 Firmware Update



Sony has finally released a firmware update for the groundbreaking a6300. It’s a hefty 239MB download and is reported by Sony to address the following:

“This utility updates the ILCE-6300 camera firmware to version 1.10 and provides the following benefits:

  • Improves overall stability and operability of the camera
  • Improves stability in picture shooting mode by optimizing temperature control (effects vary according to temperature)”

It sounds like the two biggest complaints were addressed and now it’s time to see how they perform. I was capturing footage of a waterfall and about 10 minutes in the camera shut off, entering protection mode when it gets too warm. It felt slightly warm to the touch but nothing out of the ordinary. It took an equal amount of time for it to become stable again before I could turn it back on. I’ve been collecting 4K nature footage with the camera and this fall will be releasing the results.

Here’s the link to the update, be careful and make sure you read how to install the update thouroughly before attempting it. If you’re uncomforable with firmware updates ask your local photography club to see if a member can give you assistance:

Sony’s important notes:

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