About the writer/photographer: Michael H. Wagner

I was born in Lake George, NY and developed a love of photography at an early age. My father was a hobbyist photographer who took gorgeous photos of me and my sister’s childhood on the film that many try to replicate with software today. I had a Polaroid, and numerous other film and digital cameras over the years. A voracious reader I’ve read at least one hundred books on photography and selectively use what I’ve read, learned, and experienced in life to make photographs the way I envision them.

I was internationally published when me and my author friend Bill Howard compiled the photobook “What the RAF Airman Took to War” and our publisher in London picked it up for print. It’s available on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2b6za5L 

National Geographic selected one of my photos taken backstage at The Palace Theater as the winner of a contest they were running. I was then featured in there how-to book, “Getting Your Shot.”

My photographs have also been featured on the front cover and inside the Albany Times Union.

In addition to family portraits, i’ve photographed many events of all types, concerts, weddings, running through police lines to photograph a burning building, Fashion Week, and much more.

If you’re interested in setting up a photo session or enjoy my posts send me an email to PerceptibleDesign@gmail.com

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