3D Grafitti


Grafitti from Reddit Photographer Odeith Perceptible Designanamorphic-praying-mantis-2016 perceptible design black-widow-anamorphic-odeith-2016 perceptible design

40 year old artist Odeith grew up in Portugal and started by working on street walls and train tracks. Practicing since the 80’s he’s grown into an international mural artist and it shows in his clean lines.

His medium is walls and paint. His execution and technique can be seen in the video below. He accomplished the piece with several different buckets of paint holding different colors and a medium sized brush.

His life like Bob Marley mural might be my favorite.

More of his work can be found on his website: http://www.odeith.com

Bob-Marley-Tribute-street-art-Mural-O-bairro-e-o-mundo-Loures-6 perceptible design carlos-paredes-tributo-odeith-falagueira-graffiti-mural-2015 perceptible design



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